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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My bestfriend, my husband

I need to tell you a little something that I am sure you are aware of, its just that I really must introduce you to this son of a gun, a man whom I have adored, despised, hated, sworn and yet maintain that he is the best man God ever made. I am sure you’d love to meet him…. He is My husband!

Ordinarily, women tend to be more mellowed with their boyfriends rather than their husbands. Well, I had no such luck! I knew it from day one that I am going to be dominated for the rest of my life…. Am I glad I let that happen to me! There’s a lot that one tends to learn from husbands. Like what it is to laze around on a day that’s buzzing with activity! How not to keep your things in the right places when all of these qualities you’re supposed to master! I am sure many would agree with me when they are perfectly in tandem with their daily chores and as long as you’ve been around the room, there’s no demand whatsoever, the minute you leave and move over to mend something else and Voila! You’ve been summoned to complete something totally different from what you’ve been doing!

I can almost picture every woman nodding at this statement. Most women I’ve spoken to have the same story to tell. And by the end of each story they all seem to zero in on one similarity (many men would butt in and mention… "See we’re so very predictable!"); that men never change. They may have zillion strands of white hair on their head and keep mentioning that they are the best at the drop of the hat, but every woman I have encountered says this with a big smile on their face that ‘Husbands’ just don’t change!! I wonder why they said that with a smile on their face all the same! I found mine to be the absolute menace of a man when we started off our lives together.

He’d scream, get irritated, making me irritable too, but from all the good things and bad things I’ve discovered that we women keep saying that ‘we’re doing this for your good!’ but some of us (hey! This is my personal view!); only some of us live it the way our husbands do. The reason is simple.

We, as women and later as wives are so stuck with our roles (that we take on so seriously) that we somehow forget to handle situations tactfully. Husbands being the physical people that they are tend to go overboard with their long speeches of women empowerment but find it difficult to get the message across! So the same rule applies, at least I do that of late; let him be as he is…. He’s probably great that way, treat him as a friend; talk to him often and for no reason, butter getting absolutely nothing from him………. In short treat him as your best friend, I sure did!!


Quilt Works said...

I love the shade of pink in the flower. Great to hear that your husband is your best friend no matter what.


*josie* said...

same here, I got annoyed, got mad and sometimes hated his antics, but at the end of the day, he's still my confidant and yes best friend. LOL.. thanks for visiting!