My lifestyle was killing me and I knew I had to do something about it. I have learned that the best way to develop a healthy lifestyle is to discover the source of problem and then put a plan into action that will develop good health.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Feeling good about yourself

Everyone wants to look and feel good about him or herself. So if you are not too happy about yourself, think about your image and how you can improve it. You can always improve without going to the lengths (and expenses) of plastic surgery!

*Are you an active person? Do you exercise every day? Do you take care with personal hygiene?
*Do your clothes fit you or do you look like you are drowning in them or trying to escape from them?!
*Do you eat the right kind of foods?
*Do you smile at people and make positive comments?
*Are you resilient? Can you bounce back when things go wrong?
*Do you work at having and keeping friends?

Feeling good about yourself is something you can do something about.

If you do all of these things, you will have a healthy active life and look great at the same time, even if you don't have huge muscles or great pecs or bigger boobs or longer legs or … whatever your current 'if only' is!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Flame your social life

Man is a social animal and thus, if we are labeled with this tag, we should make efforts to keep its essence alive. Thus, we socialistic in your approach and stretch the diameter of your social lifestyle:

•Be faithful towards all relationships in your life. These relationships are treasured possessions of a person and thus, must be cherished by each one of us.
•It is important to participate in social gatherings to make maximum use of your being a human. It provides you with the opportunity to meet people with different shades and thought processes and you definitely learn one thing or another from them.
•How about actively taking interest in social responsibilities? You must keep some part of your life reserved for duties towards society. By doing so, you can feel a sense of satisfaction and completeness.
•You must possess memberships to various social clubs online as well as offline. This will help you to explore the world and learn about society in a big way.

Above all, you must understand the purpose of your existence on this planet. An aimless spirit inside you must be tamed to perform appreciable tasks, while leading a life. If you are confused about the aims and objectives of your life, never hesitate in asking from experts

Thus, we must have the desire to extract maximum out of every moment presented by our life. And once you achieve this, you will find that there is no better place than planet Earth to live in this Universe.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Osteoporosis and yoga

I just spotted this interesting piece about the possible benefits of yoga in fighting bone loss:

I have to admit I'm skeptical of the anecdote suggesting that a woman with decreased bone density was able to improve it simply by dropping coffee and adding more time on the mat (what about calcium intake, Vitamin D, and other lifestyle changes?) but the point is well taken.

Yoga can be a beneficial weight bearing exercise to help build bones and I just might try some of the recommended poses. It may not be the right choice, however, for those who have compression fractures in their spine or are otherwise frail, so do check with your doctor if you are considering starting a program.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Sweating and body odor

There are lots of different activities that cause us to sweat more than usual. Hot weather, exercise and doing something that makes us feel anxious all cause the sweat to flow. Sweating is one of the body's ways of cooling down and it is important that we do sweat. There is a very rare condition where people do not sweat, and they are at a very high risk of overheating.

Sweat by itself does not have much of an odour. Most of the smell is caused by bacteria which live on the skin and in clothing. Strange as it may seem, people with unpleasant body odour are unable to smell their body odour. Because they live with it all the time, they are no longer sensitive to the smell.

Underarm deodorants make the sweat acidic which stops bacteria from growing. We still make the same amount of sweat, but there are fewer bacteria to make the smell. Antiperspirants block the sweat ducts with aluminium salts, so that less sweat is produced. Less sweat equals fewer bacteria and less smell. They should only be used on underarms - you need to be able to sweat over the rest of your body to keep yourself healthy.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Anger can take over your life!

If you feel low or have little control in your life, you can sometimes use anger to manipulate or make others afraid of you. This can give you a sense of strength, power and control over the people around you. Using anger this way can hurt other people and yourself.

It makes it difficult to keep friends or other relationships and can lead to feelings of guilt or shame. These feelings can lead to low self-esteem, and increased anger and loneliness. It becomes a vicious cycle! It is never OK to use anger to hurt people in any way!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Attire makes a big impact

The way you dress can make a big difference in the way you look. Not only can you appear more professional or more relaxed depending on what you wear, but you can also look thinner depending on your choice of wardrobe. If doesn't matter what your dress size is, or whether you are bottom-heavy or simply out of proportion, by adjusting your attire you can make a big impact on your looks.

Probably the number one mistake people make is to wear clothes that don't fit. Wearing larger sizes does not make you look thinner. In fact, it will make you look even larger. On the same basis, wearing a size 12 if you are a 14 will not make look like a 12. All it will do is to accentuate every single area in which your body is hiding extra fat. Wearing clothes that fit may seem like an obvious answer, but if you want to look thinner, this should be the first thing you do. The same holds true for fabric. Avoid clingy outfits (Lycra and silk are difficult to wear properly) and instead choose pre-shaped outfits that will give you a general outline and make you look thinner.

If you need to look thinner on the bottom, avoid pleated skirts (they make your stomach look bigger) and instead choose A-lineskirts. If you need to hide bulges, choose loose-fit and low-ride jeans. With low-ride jeans, however, make sure to wear a top that is long enough. Boot-cut pants will balance large hips, and simple designs without a lot of extra pockets will also make you look thinner. Avoid slim-fit jeans if you have large thighs, and opt for darker shades to minimize trouble spots.

If you are trying to make your upper body look thinner, avoid tank tops in summer, as they emphasize your arms. On the other hand, if your arms are toned, showcasing them will take the focus away from your problem areas. Boatneck tops are great for balancing your body, and something you should definitively use if you have good-defined shoulders.

Monday, February 15, 2010

secret to flat tummy

Our tummies are always the hardest to trim whenever we decide to shape up. We do crunches and sit-ups to get rid of the bulge and unwanted "love handles," exerting so much effort into toning and firming them up, yet with little or no results--until after at least a month of doing them daily. But did you know that there’s a simple way to achieve a flat belly?

The secret, if you haven't discovered it yet, is simply practicing good posture. Abdominal muscles are partly responsible for holding our bodies upright.Imagine if your belly always looked as good as it does when you turn sideways in the mirror and suck it in. Ab exercises can help, but 5—or even 50—minutes of crunches won't do any good if you're letting it all hang out for the remaining 23 hours of the day.

No need to worry since posture can easily be corrected, and it even has a bonus: "Correcting poor posture can make you look five pounds slimmer instantly.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Why do Happy and Optimist live longer

Studies across the world have proved that people who are happy and have a positive outlook of life live healthier and longer lives. Now lets figure out why. Those who are happy and optimistic have lesser cardio logical problems; these also refer to coronary diseases and angina. People who are more optimistic also heal faster and have a faster recovery rate than those who are bleak and pessimistic about their health. The rate of re hospitalization after heart surgery also drops with the more optimistic lot.

According to research and studies conducted, those who are optimistic are less likely to suffer from strokes. Depression can lead to strokes, which can be fatal. Those who are less depressed, and less likely to have a stroke as compared to those suffering from clinical depression. Remember a stroke can lead to partial or full disability when not fatal. So avoid the occurrence of a stroke with a more optimistic outlook to life.

What is your outlook on aging? Don’t think this question is important? Think again! Research proves that those who are happy and optimistic about aging live longer, seven and a half years longer. So instead of working so hard on your blood pressure and cholesterol levels (and I am not saying don’t) why not just think happy and live longer!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Camera Critters #7

Juice fasting for weight loss

Juice fasting for weight loss is a way of fasting for weight loss, by substituting the regular food with water, vegetable juices and fruit juices. It is also a wonderful way of getting rid of body toxins, as the juices do a thorough cleansing of the body. Among the weight loss processes, juice fasting for weight loss is considered as one of the most effective.

Juice fasting for weight loss is not only considered a weight loss plan, but also as a detoxification diet. An intake of raw vegetable and fruit juice and water is used instead of the normal solid diet. Juice fasting is advocated because of the juices being a good source of vitamins and antioxidants are helpful to the body. It is also considered as a detoxification diet, because the body is cleaned of toxins in juice fasting for weight loss.

Enhancement pills that works

In every marriage there are times when the partners are tested and required to stop and re-define their relationship, to look and see what is going on, decide what it is they need from one another and what it is that they can or will provide. This is a process that one may have to go through many times during the course of a long relationship. Its quite interesting and common all the same that guys and girls both depict extreme differences when it comes to everything, even sex. Its quite a different story to understand that both sexes at some given point in time experience similar pangs of sexual feelings and flights of fantasy and yet problems arise when there is an inverse proportion of how each is affected by it.

Men need to feel loved and unlike women, their need for this sort of love is through sex. Women tend to draw in closer after their new life gets set after the baby and its is perhaps nothing short of boredom, that brings them closer to their man again. For men too, erection problems and their pot bellies can pose a threat to their sexual life. To pump your lady with your stream of love can only be possible to your satisfaction if you have a normal, and less bloated tummy. Sure your libido might be high but if your body isn’t in your hands then its quite depressing for a man to fulfil his lover’s needs. It is in this scenario that a man often loses hi erection, causing a lowered sexual drive in him. He may be turned on by a sexy lady by his side, but if he cannot perform, something that’s absolutely essential for him as a man, then he’s already lost the battle even before he began!

You can find some of the best male enhancement pills online but remember that not all of these pills can ensure hard erections and improve penis size. Therefore, it is important to do your research before purchasing. It is also important to note that though these pills help treat different sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction, low libido and premature ejaculation, they cannot really increase penis size. In fact, there is an increase in erection size only because of the improved flow of blood to the penis, which lasts as long as one keeps on taking the pill. Most natural penis pills such as enzyte contains a fairly good mix of ingredients which are considered effective in increasing blood circulation. Aside from using male enhancement pills, it is also recommended do natural penis exercises if you want to effectively increase your penis size. These exercises can help expand penis tissues, resulting to increased capability to hold blood that produces thicker and bigger erections.

Friday, February 5, 2010

How to cheer someone up?

Human nature has always found a way for us to look for the worst in almost every situation. As a result of this, everyone knows what it feels like to be low on confidence and down in the dumps. Being depressed once in a while is not uncommon, and there are many reasons that bring this on.

At times like this, it is friends and family members that take up the formidable task of cheering up someone with the help of encouraging positive thinking. No one really knows how to cheer someone up, and many people actually have a tendency to make things worse with mindless comments. But almost every person has a streak in them that enables them to listen to another's complaints, and attempt to lighten their spirits. Here's some helpful advice about how to cheer someone up.

Knowing how to cheer someone up who is depressed, stems from the simple art of listening. If you're attempting to cheer up someone who is feeling low, you need to place your troubles aside for a while and concentrate on simply listening to what he or she has to say. Everyone loves an outlet for their problems and having someone to talk to is the first step in cheering up somebody. It's best not to be judgmental and opinionated sometimes, and this could not be more applicable than in such a situation wherein you're trying to figure out how to cheer someone up.

Think of the times when you've had a bad day and had nobody to talk to, and how different things may have been if you had. Learning some effective listening skills can help you make someone feel better. After all, cheering people and being there for them is what friendship is all about.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Deepest desires

What are the keys to a happy marriage? How can you enjoy the blessings of a happy family? Is your marriage fulfilling and satisfying? The hope for a happy, fulfilling marriage is one of our deepest desires. Sharing our hopes, dreams and life with the one we love is one of life's most fulfilling experiences.

A good marriage blessed with happy, respectful, successful children is the crowning touch of a good life. We'd all love to have this story be our story!

Everyone wants to live this life, but it seems many don't know how to have a happy marriage. What's missing? And where does God fit in the picture? Did He have anything to do with the institution of marriage and, if so, did He give us any instructions?