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Thursday, November 12, 2009

It’s not just for vampires anymore!

Well, I have no personal experience with garlic being effective on vampires, but I did see it once in a movie. However, I do have A LOT of experience with garlic warding off illness.

Not only is it antibiotic, it is also directly effective against viruses. It is also anti-fungal and anti-parasitic as well among many other things. It's important for colds AND flus.

Well, the most obvious garlic remedy is to cook with it. I give ideas about using garlic in the immune soup recipe as well as in my special-tea. Eating garlic regularly is extremely healthful. It also helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol counts. It’s absolutely amazing.

It’s most potent to use garlic raw. Cooking with it regularly is good for your health, but when you need it in an acute situation, use it raw.

Juicing it and adding it to other juice is a great way to take raw.

There are many good raw garlic recipes that are garlic remedies, such as humous. This is a traditional middle eastern dish/spread. You can find it at supermarkets or you can make your own.

These recipes are a great example of "eating your medicine." Eating healthful meals with antiviral and antibiotic properties built into them is optimal. However, if you are already sick, then cooking garlic into your soup is one of your best options.


jenie said...

almost every food we cook has it...but it still is better to eat it raw! (eggplant salad and vinegar as seasoning are my best options)