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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hair color trends 2010

Gone are the days when hair colors were just used to hide grays. Today, the hair colors are as much as an accessory as are the lipstick, shaving cream, and even soap. Actually, hair colors not only up your glamour quotient but also provide a necessary glint to your face. The easiest way to bring out a change in your appearance is by making a change in your hair. While until ten years back, no person could think of coloring their hair before it started graying, today, even, teenagers are opting for hair colors.

With all the biggies in the fashion world bringing in their signature hair color, how could the en masse not get swayed. The trend of hair coloring is spreading rights and lefts and not without good reasons. Nothing can lift your mood and looks better than a good hair color. Fashion is fickle but in the world of hair colors, it changes very gradually and pretty much anything goes. The trend of the color largely depends on the season mainly winter and summer. While for summers all shades of blondes generally rules, for winter, brown and black shades are preferred.

As 2010 is a year of natural shades for hair, the year has brought with itself the rage of all shades of brown hair colors. In all the fashion weeks for the upcoming year, the models walked with brown or shades of brown hair. The idea behind this is that brown colored hair matches all the skin complexion and so people with any skin tone whether fair, pale, wheatish, etc can wear this hair color. Moreover, many hair experts claim that brown colored hair gives natural warmth to the facial structure of a person. Go for any shades of brown especially chocolate brown, light ash brown, dark golden brown, Glazelnut, cocoa, light chestnut etc.

If you are bored with the same hair color but don’t want to experiment too much then you can consider shades of plums, mahogany or auburn. These not only give you a fresh and gorgeous look but would also give your face a soft look. Although before you choose any of the given colors, make sure that you are not giving your hair a drastic change. For instance if you have blonde hair, then switching to auburn, plum or mahogany, color would be a bit drastic. This change would be a good change for brunettes. However if you have ivory or creamy toned skin, then you can go with these hair colors