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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How to help someone you’re worried about

Everyone has human qualities they can draw on to help a suicidal person. Anyone can be called upon to help a friend, parent, or coworker

If you find yourself in this situation, the following tips can help you assist someone in trouble:

*Take the person seriously and avoid mocking them, moralizing, or challenging them.
*Tell them that you’re worried about them.
*Listen to them and show them that you understand the severity of their distress.
*Check whether the person is thinking of committing suicide, and if so, try to find out how, where, and when they intend to do it—the more precise the plan, the greater the need to act quickly.
*Support the suicidal person in their search for a solution but respect your own limits and avoid doing everything in the person’s place.
*Encourage the person to go for help and accompany them if necessary.
*Seek information and support for yourself so you can be in a better position to help.

Keeping the suicidal person’s secret to yourself can limit your ability to act and leave you carrying the burden of the other person’s well-being on your own. However, out of respect for the affected person, be discreet when seeking help.