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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Amazing Health Through Cabbage

* Reduced risk of breast cancer

Eating four ! cup servings of cabbage each week can reduced breast cancer risk by 45%according to research. The credit goes to the vegetable's stores of indole-3-carbinol. This phytonutrients prevents the fluctuating estrogen levels that can lead to disease-causing cell mutations.

* Super speedy metabolism

Crisp cabbage is one of the nature's sources of the slimming compound sulforaphane. This detoxifying agent naturally boost the body's production of myrosinase, an enzyme that flushes fat -trapping toxins from cells and turbocharges metabolism.

* Deeper Sleep

Munching on 1 cup of cabbage before bed can ensure more restful sleep. The magic ingredient: tryptophan. Brain cell use this amino acid to manufacture serotonim. Increased levels of this neurotransmitter prompt sleep inducing alpha waves in the brain to improve slumber quality.

* A healthier heart

To slash heart disease risk by 40 percent, consider eating 1 cup of folate rich cabbage daily. Reseach report that the nutrients converts the artery-damaging compound homocycteine into the amino acid methionine. This strengthen blood vessel walls, resulting in improved circulation and a decreased risk of harmful blood clots.