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Friday, October 24, 2008

Could decaf cause cancer?

I used to down three cups of regular coffee every morning, but after few bouts of the jitters I switched to decaf. I was feeling pretty good about my new brew until my sister told me that decafeinated coffee has been proven to cause cancer.

My sister,s concern about the safety of decaffeinated coffee might stem from old reports that particular decaffeinating solvent, trichloroethylene, was found to cause cancer in mice. Fortunately this ingredients has'nt been used since 1970's and the decaf coffees curently on the market have all been deemed safe. Most used all natural ethyl acetate, a solvent derived from fruit like apples and bananas, in the decaffeination process.

However , I do suggest that you limit the decaf coffee intake to less than three cups a day since decaf is generally made from robusta coffee beans. These beans have high concentrations of diptenes, fats that have been shown to elevate cholesterol levels