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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Building stronger leg and stronger hips through training

Falls are very dangerous as you get older. Can you prevent them? Yes, strength training helps you regain your balance after having been slightly knocked off center. Building stronger leg and stronger hips through strength training can postpone and possibly even preven these highly destructive falls. Strength training gives you more confidence, more control over your own body. With that, you have a less chance for injury and less chance for falls.

In one experiment that was done they took 10 people (average age 90) and had them do simple leg exercises three times a week over eight weeks. They not only built up their strength but saw improvement in their lives from moderate muscle pumping. They became more mobile, more flexible, and their walking speed noticeably improved. They had a doubling, even tripling of the muscle strength in their legs. Two of them threw away their canes!

If 90 years old were able to do strength training and benefit from it. Surely it will help you.