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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Your Ideal Weight

Every woman has a magical number in her mind that she thinks she would weigh. This could be her weight when she graduated from high school or when she got married. For many women this "ideal weight" is an unrealistic expectation, and trying to achieve it can cause a great deal or stress.

One lady confessed that when she got to her goal in weight-loss program, it completely consumed her life. She became a slave to staying at that number on her scale.

Many women even want to get below a certain magic number, and in the process they can become sick and nonfunctional. Let's stop worrying about that perfect number, and decide for ourselves how much we want to weigh. At what weigh do you think you look and feel your best? That's where you want your weight to be.

Only God's way are perfect. That's why without His help, we will ultimately fail.