My lifestyle was killing me and I knew I had to do something about it. I have learned that the best way to develop a healthy lifestyle is to discover the source of problem and then put a plan into action that will develop good health.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Caring for God's Temple

How do you stay physically fit? You know the three rules. Eat right, sleep enough, and exercise. Most people eat too much sugar and fat; consequently, many of us are weight, suffer from sugar highs and sugar lows, or even heart disease. Many of us are careless about sleep. If you do not wake up reasonably refreshed, maybe you are not spending enough time in bed. Or maybe your sleep is inhibited by the coffee you drank all the day. And for far too many of us, our major form of exercise is walking down the hall of photocopy machine. We say we don't have time or energy to exercise, yet experts have medically proven that exercise replenish our energy.

If you are spiritually and emotionally on track, but still feel burned out, check your diet, your sleep and your exercise. A few simple changes might be just what you need to refuel your tank and refit your steadfast sacrificial loving