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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Why do Happy and Optimist live longer

Studies across the world have proved that people who are happy and have a positive outlook of life live healthier and longer lives. Now lets figure out why. Those who are happy and optimistic have lesser cardio logical problems; these also refer to coronary diseases and angina. People who are more optimistic also heal faster and have a faster recovery rate than those who are bleak and pessimistic about their health. The rate of re hospitalization after heart surgery also drops with the more optimistic lot.

According to research and studies conducted, those who are optimistic are less likely to suffer from strokes. Depression can lead to strokes, which can be fatal. Those who are less depressed, and less likely to have a stroke as compared to those suffering from clinical depression. Remember a stroke can lead to partial or full disability when not fatal. So avoid the occurrence of a stroke with a more optimistic outlook to life.

What is your outlook on aging? Don’t think this question is important? Think again! Research proves that those who are happy and optimistic about aging live longer, seven and a half years longer. So instead of working so hard on your blood pressure and cholesterol levels (and I am not saying don’t) why not just think happy and live longer!