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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Make up and pimples

Most women attempt to conceal their blemishes or skin disorders by opting for various cosmetic products. Covering up pimples and zits may sound as a brilliant technique to achieve the perfect smooth skin look but the truth is that your beauty products, particularly certain specific cosmetic items might actually result in an enhanced Pimple condition. While this alarming fact may strike as an unpleasant surprise but it calls for a state of awareness and preparedness while choosing your makeup items and when dealing with skin problems.

Even though the connection between makeup and Pimple is not entirely known or proven, studies reveal that worsened skin conditions may be caused due to several factors such as inadequate use of makeup products resulting in clogging of pores, using unhygienic items on sensitive skin such as applicators and brushes that may carry Pimple-causing bacteria and usage of incorrect and incompatible makeup products such as usage of oily based products on an already sensitive skin. Excessive oil accumulation is a leading Pimple aggravating factor and while choosing makeup products it is highly recommended that you are alive to the ingredients and constituents of whatever you apply on your skin.

Therefore, before going to bed, make it a habit to thoroughly clean all the makeup from your face and neck and every once in a while make use of gentle cleansers and toners to give your pores a break!